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Your Shield and Buckler is a factual description of the dangers faced daily by our peace officers, armed forces, and emergency response teams. In these pages, author Jorge Diaz, a retired veteran from two South Florida police departments, exposes the truth about our number 1 enemy. Sergeant Diaz teaches practical and proven strategies to successfully overcome the devil' s every attack.

Based on Psalm 91, this book walks the reader through each powerfully protective verse of Scripture. Detailed accounts of men and women escaping destruction and even death are presented to teach readers how to apply these scriptural truths in their own personal and professional lives.

Recent worldwide, latter day events have been etching a dividing line between good and evil. Never has there been a more critical time to walk in the divine protection God has afforded us. Our time not only requires us to walk in a new dimension of security; it demands it. The spotlight has shifted from our own, seemingly trivial existence, to that of a grander scheme. Freedoms we once took for granted are suddenly front and center, and those who serve to defend those freedoms van no longer viewed as individuals simply carrying out a career, but as heroes fulfilling a call. Their post is irreplaceable, their presence indispensable.

Sergeant Diaz has learned to trust in the eternal Word of God as his shield and buckler. His personal triumphs and the solid scriptural foundation presented in this timely book will equip Christians with an impenetrable shield of defense against any attack of the enemy and serve as a spiritual training manual to arm the men and women in uniform with the arsenal they need to serve God fearlessly.

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