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It is widely accepted, Word-founded reality that we are the generation who will usher in King Jesus. In these "last days", churches and Christian organizations are making every Spirit led move to insure that God's perfect will is carried out in a secure, peaceful manner.

Officer of the Lord (OTL) Ministries understands the tremendous necessity to protect and serve our pastors, church leaders and visiting guests. One of OTL's goals is to train and prepare a "Dignitary Service" ministry within every Christian institution that may be sensitive to such a need. OTL also assists in better equipping already existing security or ushering ministries within an organization.


All OTL instructors are veteran, law enforcement officers within the State of Florida. They are instructor certified in firearms, conducted electrical weapons, defensive tactics and have completed training in special response, rapid action tactics, and dignitary protection. Our instructors have a wealth of professional and practical experience in dealing with a wide range of safety concerns at every level.

OTL instructors are also active protective service operatives with years of experience serving and protecting our men and women of God. Most importantly, they are men and women of faith who ultimately place their trust in the Word.


Our "Principles of Dignitary Service" course will establish a solid foundation for your usher or security team; newly formed or otherwise. The full day (8-hour) class, covers an extensive amount of helpful information from proper protocol and etiquette to physical intervention techniques. The training is specific to your ministerial needs.

Because we keep our class sizes limited (minimum of 8, maximum of 16 students) Officer of The Lord training sessions provide a highly professional, yet personable atmosphere.

Each student is provided with the necessary training aids, a course syllabus and a certificate of completion. Tuition fees are based soley on the number of students and the instructor's travel expenses.


Code of Excellence
Appearance, Proper Protocol, Confidentiality
Detail Tools, Communications, and Protective Gear
Physical Intervention
Legal Concerns, Use of Force Matrix, Mitigating Factors
Dignitary Escorts
Low/High Profile, Single and Low/High Profile, Entourage
Armed Encounters
Weapon Recognition/Concealment, Knife and Handgun Response
Vehicle Procedures
Low/High Profile, Single/Multiple Car, Mounts/Dismounts
Operative Placement
Weekly Services, Special Events, Travel
Spiritual Preparation
Prayer, Leading, Love Walk, Authority

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